— Lutyens Fireplace Collection —

These chimneypieces by Sir Edwin Lutyens have been carefully chosen to show his unique ability to translate the traditional architectural vocabulary into new forms that successfully combine classicism and modernity.

Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869-1944) is widely regarded as one of the greatest British
architects. The scope of his work was enormous,encompassing a wide variety of styles and
including private residences, garden landscapes, commercial buildings and war memorials.

After a brief period at The South Kensington School of Art, (now The Royal college of Art)
Lutyens launched his career at the precociously early age of 19 with his first country house, built in his native county of Surrey. Starting with designs strongly influenced by the Arts and
Crafts movement, he moved on seamlessly to his own version of high classicism, described
by Lutyens himself as his “Wrenaissance”.

Lutyens’s style was never derivative and always bore the mark of his own unique touch. His genius lay in his ability imaginatively to adapt traditional architectural styles. Throughout his career he had the confidence to continually change direction and consequently the body of his work reveals a unique and fascinating degree of eclecticism.

He was a perfectionist and obsessed with detail. Never was any element of one of his buildings left to another. He would find time to design the minutiae of every interior from the fittings and furnishings to the child’s clock on a nursery mantelpiece. This same degree of attention was given to his chimneypieces and the legacy of his designs for these, as varied in scale and design as his buildings themselves, represents an important body of work in its own right.

Luyens’s chimneypiece designs have a timeless quality deriving from their robust, unfussy detailing and well proportioned architectural form and it is this quality that suits them so well to both period and contemporary interiors.

Chesney’s is proud to reproduce a collection of some of Lutyens’s finest designs for
chimneypieces with the blessing of the Lutyens family and of the Lutyens Trust in a co-operative endeavour that is the first of its type.

Visit the Lutyens Furniture & Lighting website.

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