— Alchemy High Efficiency Gas Fires —

Placing a gas effect fire behind glass and within a sealed steel chamber exponentially increases its efficiency but can detract significantly from the appearance of the fire.

Uniquely, the Chesney’s collection of glass fronted gas fires, the Alchemy Gas Fires range, succeeds in delivering outstanding levels of efficiency with no compromise in its ambitious and innovative design aesthetic. These fires not only look wonderful but they also work as highly effective and sophisticated convector heating appliances, achieving efficiency ratings of up to 80%, while being able to be installed into conventional flues.

Manufactured in the UK by a highly skilled work force using state of the art technology, the Alchemy Gas Fires range embodies precision engineering and intelligent design. Only the best materials and components are used with both inner chamber and outer casing fabricated from heavy gauge heat resistant steel to ensure optimum heat emissions and a long life for the appliance. Chesney’s confidence in the reliability and performance of the product is reflected in the 5 year guarantee that is given for all non – consumable parts.

Outstanding engineering and performance are only half the story...

Every Chesney’s Gas Fires product also has to satisfy the most challenging aesthetic design criteria. It must be innovative, original and beautiful. The Alchemy Gas Fires range meets these criteria. Every model in the range uses premium non-reflective “invisible” glass. This feature underpins the unique appeal of the range appearing to bring the fire right into the room.

The traditional range offers fire baskets and fire dogs as an option and a range of stone effect interior panels including block limestone, plain limestone and rustic Cotswold stone. The contemporary range includes a polished bronze fire urn and mirror finish black glass panels amongst its unique features.

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